San Sebastian del Oeste

San Sebastián del Oeste is a designated Pueblos Mágicos, one of the towns maintaining their historical character and promoted by the federal government as tourism destinations. It also receives tourists visiting nearby Puerto Vallarta on the coast to the west. Recent road improvements reduced transit time from Puerto Vallarta to under 2 hours.

The Church of Saint Sebastian, whose original construction was in 1608, was designed in the Colonial Spanish Baroque style. It has notable architectural details, including Corinthian columns and ceiling vault frescos.


Church of San Sebastián interior” by MelikampOwn work.
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Many structures in the city and municipality were built of cut stone and/or adobe in the 19th and earlier centuries, and remain unchanged. Some old haciendas around the in the municipality have been purchased and restored in recent decades.

All information about San Sebastián del Oeste courtesy of Wikipedia.